Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trusting the Controller


Kuala Lumpur
Easy Sunday morning...
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
Happy to be (finally) seated at my desk at home this beautiful Sunday afternoon after having completed the usual weekend chores. Although deep down I wish I had settled down sooner to do some important revisions but we gotta trust the Controller. "And who is it that is in control of all that exists?' (Quran 10:31)

Yes, we gotta trust Him Allah subhanahu wataala cos "In His hand is all good." (Quran 3:26)
And we gotta be grateful that He places in our heart a good level of certainty and optimism so we are neither restless nor doubtful of what is to come tomorrow.

In God, we place our trust, none other than Him.

Wish y'all a pleasant Sunday.
May Allah equip us sufficiently to face whatever it is that we have to face in the coming week - week no. 43.

Hasbunallahu wanikmal wakil.

There were some youngish inexperienced supposedly pious men and some 50-something holier-than-thou nosy women who had given me unsolicited opinions, expressing their worries about me not having a boyfriend/about who I should/should not befriend and all the things that are none of their business. In truth, they have got their own dependents/family they should worry about. Never mind me, I have got enough love-vitamins LOL. I don't contribute to their book of deeds, I have a mind of my own, I do my own thing. I'm excited about the possibility of having 80 adopted sons! LOL. Bi-iznillah! May Allah the trusted Controller, make my dreams come true and accept my intentions as among the mukhlisin. Ameen.

: D

Did you know that the two popular du'a pertaining to increasing knowledge and understanding i.e. Rabbishrohlisadri...and Rabbi zidni ilma both reside in Surah Taha? Taha is also one of the names of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). I was delighted when I came across both verses today.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Let go | Unload


Let us let go of the unimportant baggage, perhaps a "tail" that is too heavy.

We all know what is it that weighs us down, so let us reflect and seek tawfik (strength) from Allah to get rid of any encumbrance.

Only load that which counts, that which carries weight in the eyes of Allah.

There are 14 Saturdays left until 2018, it's a good time to do some inventory check and chuck away anything that is stale.

Wama tawfiqi illah billah.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Stay original


If I am not for myself, who will be?
Definitely not you. LOL.

I thank Allah for a wonderful holiday in Penang, engaging with people who matter. I thank Allah for a fruitful Friday spreading some cheer to people who occupy themselves with the Book of Allah. May we become like bricks that support one another for the sake of Allah.

Be original, do things that you really like cos [small] people will criticize you anyway whereas big-hearted people, build and lift others up.

: )

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy Today


Keep counting our blessings.
Keep hoping for the best.
Keep feeling good so we would attract more good stuff.

Keep reciting Quran on a daily basis.
Keep making zikir and salawat.
Keep the faith strong.
Keep moving forward positively until the day we return to the Creator, pleased and pleasing to Him.

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah for today.
May He grant us more.
Ameen Ya Kareem Ya Wahab Ya Rahim.

Alhamdulillah those brothers in faith, a little boy and a cat, let me join them while waiting for my mother buy some fresh seafood : D


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Festival of Lights | Deepavali | Diwali


I would like to wish our Hindu friends and everyone who observe the Deepavali celebration, a very happy and joyous day! As we spend the holidays with our loved ones, let's not forget those who are less fortunate who have been groping for a beacon of light so they could once again live a decent life.

I am grateful to have arrived in my beautiful hometown - Penang. Grateful for the safe and ever so pleasant drive north-bound. Alhamdulillah.

Keep calm and live life positively "off the wall".

I'm heading to a beach resort soon to treat my dearest mother, cos my heaven is under her feet : D
Identify your pass to the heaven and earn it!
Wama tawfiqi illa billah.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Moments that matter


Says Rose Kennedy

May we become more mindful of each present moment and seize it optimally in the way that is pleasing to the Lord.

Our Lord is indeed generous. He rewards us for merely gazing at the sea.

May we contemplate and recognize Him on the horizon and within ourselves.

Rabbi zidni ilma
Warzuqni fahma

This is a backdated posting.
What was I doing on Tue?
Was busy practising for my upcoming tests.
Practise practise practise towards excellence.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Aslahallahu umural Muslimin


This heart-wrenching photo has to be here to remind us of how fortunate we were as children.
That we have to be more grateful.
That we have to do more and pray harder for our less fortunate children.
That we have to work harder in whatever capacity we are in so that no child will have to cry begging for safety, food, shelter, and love.

Do not doubt the power of a sincere du'a.

O Allah, we implore You to improve the lives of these children.
You are Most-Kind, be kind to them as You have been with us.
Provide for them as You have generously provided us with sustenance and comfort.
Ameen Ya Mujibuddua, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Aziz, Ya Zal Jalali wal ikram, Ya Razak, Ya Alimun Hakim. 

Photo published for 'No pictures, no words can explain Rohingya suffering'

 Image result for o allah improve the affairs of muslim umural muslimin

Credit: and Darul Murtadza

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Write and say so


I like M.T.Cicero, that celebrated Roman lawyer/writer/orator/statesman, cos he is real. Only someone who is real would say what he said. That "even if you have nothing to write, write and say so." LOL.

Yes, to be frank, I have nothing to write about yesterday and today's posting slot except to tell it as it is. That I have spent my weekend indoor being productive doing spring cleaning, cooking, reading the Quran, reading some positive stuff on Twitter and tweeting, and eating of course. Oh before I began all those activities, I went to KLCC mall for a while on Saturday to check out Tiffany's latest jewellery collection. LOL. Yes, I did! And bought some yummy salads from Isetan Food Store and a slice of cake from Bisou. Hah...hah... I am revealing my weekend "KLCC pit-stop ritual" to the public.

And this morning I walked to a stall to get my Nasi Lemak fix. LOL. Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's most popular breakfast consisting of rice flavoured with coconut milk, hard boiled egg, fried anchovies and squids sambal (hot sauce) and cucumber.

Oh, what did I cook for dinner? Chicken kurma cos it's easy peasy.

M.T.Cicero was a lawyer. I am courting a lawyer, a good looking one! Heh so? Yes, by reading the Quran regularly, a drop-dead handsome brilliant guy will be my loyal companion in the grave bi-iznillah.
I thank Allah for this tawfik-boost I have been experiencing. Alhamdulillah indeed. I pray Allah would grant you a good dose of tawfik too. Oh yes, you are included in my dua per verse 41 of Surah Ibrahim. "Rabbanaqfirli waliwalidaiya wa lil mukmini nayauma yaqumul hisab" - that Allah would forgive all believers on the Day of Reckoning.

It's a big day no doubt. Perhaps every year as we eagerly wait for our birthday like it's a sure thing and embrace it with merriment, we should also reflect on the inevitable Day of Reckoning cos it's a big deal - bigger than our birthdays. With each birthday we get closer to the ultimate big day - the Day of Reckoning.

So do you reckon you would do well on that big day? I ask myself.

Hope you have had a productive and pleasant weekend too. Let's embrace Monday and week no. 42.

Oh, dear Lord, we are getting closer to week 56. Time flies.

Time is of the essence.

Good night from KL.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Love is a piece of cake


Hope your Saturday was sweet and fattening.

But on a serious note
don't forget to make plenty of zikir
so that we have got something
with a good weight on the Scales.

Friday, October 13, 2017

14:40 & 14:41


Assalamualaikum folks

On this blessed day, I wish to remind myself of these two important verses from Surah Ibrahim which I came across at Subuh today. Alhamdulillah, I am grateful for this new discovery and thought I should share so that Allah will grant more useful knowledge.

I am not very pious, I didn't have proper Islamic teachings when I was growing up, did not graduate from Islamic colleges like some of our learned readers, hence I get easily excited whenever I discover something new in the Quran.

I may be wrong, but I think most people memorize and recite frequently the dua from verse 40 of Surah Ibrahim - "My Lord, make me steadfast in Salah, and my offspring as well. And my Lord, grant my prayer."

But not the dua from verse 41. So let's pay attention to both verses 40 & 41 of Surah Ibrahim.

I didn't know until this morning that the verse following the popular dua about being steadfast in performing salah,  is an equally significant dua.
"Our Lord, forgive me and my parents and ALL BELIEVERS on the day when reckoning shall take place." - Quran 14:41

Subhanallah, I think one who recites this must be very generous and thoughtful.

Let's be among those who are generous and thoughtful.

On the Day of Reckoning (Yaumul Mahsyar) we might be panicky thus are only concerned about our own fate, but here while we are still in this realm, we could recite this dua for ourselves, our parents and everyone - all believers.

I am thankful to have found this verse.
May Allah increase our knowledge and understanding.

Rabbi zidni ilma war zuqni fahma.

Wish y'all a blissful Friday.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

The best day in the year


What is the best day in the year?
Every day.

Says who?
Says Ralph.

I think it makes sense cos that's all we have - the present - today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come cos we are not promised tomorrow.

Alhamdulillah we have to celebrate life every day. To celebrate means to be grateful.

Did you inspire someone today?
Did you make someone smile today?

My Thursday was great.
Hope yours too.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dedicate your heart to Love


So...let's dedicate our heart to love and not lose it too much.
And let's not feel bad if love makes us shed tears sometimes.
For love is what it is.
It makes us vulnerable at heart.
It makes us realize that it is, in fact, a feeling that He has created to remind us that we are mere mortals.
That in the end, it is His love that nurtures us and protects us until we return to the Source of Love:
- He Himself.

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven."
- Karen Sunde

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sanctified month


I think we should remind ourselves that we are still in the sacred month of Muharram.

That we are told to avoid doing wrong to ourselves for wrongdoing during the sacred month is more serious and incurs a greater burden of sin than in other months. And similarly, righteous deeds would garner greater rewards.

So I remind myself first and foremost and my nieces and nephews who have become avid readers of this blog - that we should be cognizant of this sacred month of Muharram and race to pile up on good deeds.

Let's do more good to our parents this month.
Let's read more Quran this month.
Let's do more zikir 'Subhanallah wabihamdih' this month.
And the list goes on.

May Allah replace all our bad deeds with good ones and bless us with the multiplier effect of Muharram.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Mon-dane not


No, Monday is not for mundane stuff.

Monday need not be mundane. Monday ain't mundane.
Monday need not be mundane. Monday ain't mundane.

Hah hah try this new tongue-twister I've crafted (to be honest) on Tuesday, as this is a backdated posting LOL.

Or rather let's call it a a mantra for us to beat Monday blues.

Monday is far from mundane actually, it's an auspicious day as it is the day the Beloved of Allah was born. Other than Friday, I think we should make plenty of salawat on Mondays to honor our Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam.

says Dogen a Japanese poet/priest from Kyoto

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Open a vein | Make room


"There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein."
- Ernest Hemingway

Guess the millennial's version is:
There's nothing wrong with blogging. All you do is sit down at a lappy and open a vein.
But the thing with the good ol' typewriter is you can't edit much.

What was I doing last Sunday? (this is written on Tuesday after attending a briefing on Executive MBA and my mind is all over the places thinking how on earth can I get hold of  USD200K +/-)

Whatever it is, let us bless our day by making room for reciting Quran.

You know I had attended many religious talks and blogged (shared notes) about it - high-level tasawwuf and what not. After about 9 years I go back to realizing the importance of the basics/key fundamentals like reading the Quran and becoming more conscious of the obvious that we have to know how to prioritize on the deeds that carry more weight in this dunya and akhirah cos time is the ultimate luxury.   

So every day, be sure to make room for deeds that bring the best ROI for our akhirah and dunya both.  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Who am I? | Dreamer


A little bird told me some curious souls are googling "who is E.Ismail Lisan al-Din"

The answer to that query is: she is a dreamer. Although in the blog profile she describes her occupation as a seeker and a lover. LOL.
Anyway, she'd like to quote Joan Didion:

"I write entirely to find out
what I'm thinking,
what I'm looking at,
what I see
and what it means.
What I want
and what I fear."

I'm thinking "me" is all I have, the raw vulnerable me. I can't photoshop me - my soul; just that my photos tend to look photoshopped but actually no, it looks better than I do in person cos I use Samsung Note and "sharpen" is the chosen "effects". But it's all my own face. LOL.

I write to find out what I am looking at. I'm looking at life on a daily basis as I embrace it with gratitude hence the attempt to blog daily, sometimes ahead of time, sometimes backdated. I used to write more serious stuff on Islamic lessons from majlis taalim which I attended quite regularly but not anymore cos I have changed and grown to be a different kind of person as compared to my early years of blogging. There are still plenty of religious information which I had posted that are yet to be internalized and practiced. Though I'm glad I have memorized almost all of the new selawat I heard/learned from the shuyukh. Alhamdulillah.

Writing makes me truly see things from an intimate angle. Oftentimes, I see the one obvious reality that life is short thus we have to prioritize our time wisely. I am grateful for the tawfik-boost that I've been getting lately so I read the Quran daily and make plenty of selawat. Alhamdulillah. This is a wonderful blessing really, cos some holier-than-thou people called me "satanic". They should leave me to my path cos I don't contribute to their book of deeds. LOL.  

Anyway, when I write, no matter how tasteful or tacky my writing appears to be, it helps me dive deeper on the meaning of the subject that I dwell upon. It helps me find some clarity to this subjective and dynamic thing called life.  

And when I write, I somehow would discover what I really really want to express from the random mental sparks that hibernate in the brain and the waves of feeling that engulfed my heart. 

As I write, I realize my fears get I often wonder if it might be my last posting. I can't help but wonder how would some of the regular genuine readers know if I have moved on to meet the Lord. 

So, I agree with Joan Didion.

Anyhow, who am I, is of course not important to you or anyone as we are all obsessed and preoccupied with knowing ourselves. One of the popular Sufi maxims is that he who knows himself knows his Lord. Yes, life is primarily about knowing oneself, knowing the Lord and worshipping the Lord we know.

Never mind me, this is another typical Saturday nite rambling. LOL. Just leaving a small insignificant mark that I am alive and grateful for today.

"You may say I am a dreamer, 
but I am not the only one..."

Friday, October 6, 2017

Think beautiful thoughts


Think it. Write it. Live it. Be it.

So that our world becomes a beautiful place. 
So that we may live a beautiful fulfilling life.
So that we become a happy and grateful person.

Wish y'all a weekend filled with joy and laughter. 
: )

Happy birthday, H.E.
May you quickly evolve to be the best version of you.
Bestest of wishes from Beta.

Good read:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Happy World Teachers' Day | Universe-sity


For all the wonderful teachers out there - mine - especially those who coached me on strengthening my faith and servitude to Allah. Some of whom do not hold the official title of a teacher or ustaz/ustazah, yet a simple lesson through words that originated from a sincere and caring heart and actions that were selfless - be it a sisterly/brotherly/motherly/fatherly gesture, all of them "teachers" shall forever be in my heart and mind.

May, we too, in turn, have the opportunity to impart one or two useful lessons to others.    

It is commonly agreed that only teachers who are passionate about teaching can make students truly passionate about learning. Yes, admittedly, there were also teachers we disliked as a child. I remembered a couple of them who discredited, discounted me, and who deliberately dampened my spirits. But at least, they too taught me something!

Rabbi zidni ilma
war zuqni fahma

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Move forward


But it sure helps a lot if you read the Quran regularly, do plenty of salawat, pray wholeheartedly, contemplate deeply, and be confident in Him - yaqin.

Wama tawfiqi illa billah
And my success is only through Allah.

May the rest of the week be fruitful and peaceful.



I have begun to tweet more. It's more about motivational stuff to psych up myself 😁

p/s No, there's nothing wrong with my right eye. Lol.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Character | Shine


"Reputation is what people think of you;
character is what God and Angels know of you."
- Thomas Paine

So, what character are you presenting to the Lord today?

Says Ali ibn Abi Talib

If I may be sentimental a wee bit. I am kinda missing my Quran tajweed teacher as I treat myself to a cocoa drink tonight cos that's what I served my guide most of the time - Maresi or Landessa coffee/cocoa. Alhamdulillah, something to remember him by and keep me motivated with my recitation.

I believe if we are of any good, it's not because we are good, it's mostly because there are so many good people out there who keep praying for us. 

O Allah, grant me Your love
and the love of those who love You
and actions that will bring me closer to Your love.

May You make us rise with greater tawfik each and every day. May You make us shine in Your eyes.

"Read the Quran again and again and forget about what's bothering you. Allah's words have the ability to give you peace of mind." 
- Dr Bilal Philips

Monday, October 2, 2017

Fourth Quarter Affirmations | OAKtober


YaHuu...we have reached the 4th Quarter of 2017. It's October already. We sure can draw inspiration from the good ol' oak trees.

"The tallest oak in the forest
was once a little nut that held its ground."

Why not renew our affirmations for this last leg of 2017? By the grace of Allah, may we sail this last quarter smoothly.

I can't wait for Quarter 1, 2018 for a couple of reasons which I won't disclose here. LOL. InShaAllah will get there bi-iznillah.

[More money in my hands please]

Those lil notebooks on the table say:
1. Believe you can and you're halfway there.
2. Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.
3. Trust that when the answer is no, there is a better yes down the road.
4. If you're going to rise, you might as well shine.

: D

Hope my small sharing could give a spike to your Monday mood.

Me - after a quick grocery run, after iftar yesterday, hence the upbeat feeling. Alhamdulillah.
"The best time to plant an oak tree was 25 years ago. The second best time is today." - James Carville

So today on the 2nd of October, let's start a new good habit, something that would make us proud and grateful when we look back, that we started today.

I started a new habit - reading the Quran on a daily basis - since mid-September, I'm now at Chapter 11. Alhamdulillah. I hope my ustaz reads this. LOL.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Auspicious weekend | Grand Muharram


Hi folks

So have you done the 1000 Al Ikhlas today? Malaysians observe Ashura today by the way.
I have done it  Alhamdulillah for the tawfik-boost, again.
So now I can chill for a bit while waiting for iftar.

I wish to encourage our young readers to imagine Allah running to you as you put effort to walk to Him (per Hadith Qudsi). Imagine you making one step - reciting one Al Ikhlas and counting the beads one at a time - imagine Allah making 10 steps to you in return.

So if we may do some maths, that's like 1000 x 10 steps = 10,000 steps which the Lord reciprocates! Amazing. And the rewards for fasting and doing any good deeds in this month of Allah - Muharram - is even greater. 

You know Malaysia used to have YES (Year-End-Sale). We might still have it or have they coined a new acronym for the big sale festival? Anyway, it is incomparable and better - the Muharram offer. Amazing how generous Allah is, already giving us a big bonus at the start of the new year, instead of at the end of the year. So let's grab it!

Know that you genuine readers who think well of me; those who made du'a for me; those who have helped me; those who gave me all kinds of presents (like that tasbih/misbaha and prayer mat in below pic) and those who have asked me to make prayers for them - I have got all of you covered in my special petition this weekend! 
: )

I have a feeling 1439 Hijri is going to be an awesome year bi-iznillah. But in order to secure a good year, let's make full use of this grand month of Muharram.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

1000 Al Ikhlas in exchange for His gaze


Credit: Muwasala

The above is a screenshot of a video of Habib Umar bin Hafiz during Awal Muharram of the previous year (2016). A universal message as such is timeless.

Have you done it? Will you do it?
1000 Al Ikhlas?

Hope you are relishing this auspicious weekend too.
Bye for now.
Let's be selfish about our time. Don't give it up for actions that do not carry much weight for the good of dunya and akhirah.

May Allah protect us from heedlessness (laghaw), from pointless activities, both online and offline. Let us point ourselves and others towards good deeds, towards our Creator and His beloved Messenger (pbuh).


Friday, September 29, 2017

9th Muharram 1439 Hijri & Incredible Ashura


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

We all hope for something extras during this auspicious weekend beginning from today: 9th Muharram. It's time to fast as a prelude to the Ashura Day on the 10th of Muharram. Although the date for Ashura differs among countries, this weekend is a special one as we allocate time for ibadah and make plenty of petitions to the Almighty Allah subhanahu wa taala.

Jumaah Mubarak.
: )

Who says Muslims can't have a little permissible fun in the way they carry themselves while being pious/religious at the same time?


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Invest in the most important relationship


Dr Bilal Philips gave this one important reminder that we women and men should heed - the singles especially. But I think those who are married too, else they might get stuck in a deep attachment which might prove to be too hard on them when the time comes for them to detach (either due to divorce or death of their partner).

And for the singles, if they realize this sooner the better so that when they do enter a relationship, it would be with better wisdom so they know to put the right thing in the right place, and not be overly attached. Because they will have invested and keep investing in the Divine Love affair so they know even a speck of happiness and love they could ever wish for from other relationships only come from their primary numero uno Love interest - Allah. 

"Our relationship with Allah is the most important relationship we have. Invest in it InShaAllah!"
- Dr Bilal Philips


I can't help but laugh and "punch" myself in the face for the silly "investments" I made in the past. LOL. Thank God I didn't marry those I refused to marry. Allah knows what's best for each of His servant, so just chill ; )

And let us keep running strong in the race - fastabiqul khairat. Do you read the Quran daily? Do you make salawat incessantly? Did you make your mother smile today? I ask myself.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017



Wednesday according to research is the most productive day cos it's midweek and we thus have warmed up sufficiently, maybe.

Anyway, I thank Allah for being gainfully employed as I always remind myself of the hard times when I was unemployed. 

But Winston Churchill says:
"We make a living by what we get.
We make a life
by what we give."
During this blessed month of Muharram, let's pray so that Allah would continue to give us good health and the capabilities to earn a living and that He would move our hearts/hands to give more.  

Even if we can't give out a bigger sum of cash as we might wish, we should give away our time, skills, knowledge, care and du'a in the way that could positively enhance someone's life.

That pic is my morning off-to-work ritual - selfie while waiting for the lift. And do a "thank you-ritual" for the day.
Thank you Allah for giving me nice clothes.
Thank you Allah for giving me good health so I can go to work [and not call in sick. LOL]
Thank you Allah that I have got a good job.
Thank you Allah that my house is a mere 5 minutes drive to the office.
Thank you Allah for the car.
Thank you Allah for today!
: )


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Letters | Tenfold | Occupation


There are so many emails and WhatsApp messages to read?
There are so many letters to read?
Not anymore?

Actually, yes!

"Whoever recites a LETTER, from the Quran,
he will be credited with a good deed,
and a good deed gets a 10-fold reward."
- Hadith At Tarmidhi

This posting is to remind and encourage me, my nieces, and nephews. And a shout out to them actually cos they had "conspired" in helping fix my Quran-pen. No more excuses. So now I could double check the correct recitation of any ayat which I'm not sure about. Alhamdulillah, one problem solved. 

Let us occupy the time folding those pages, collecting thousands of tenfolds of reward.

May Allah continue to grant us plenty of tawfik to be consistent and committed to this one important occupation. Pray it will remain as a lifelong occupation, don't retire so soon. Pray so that Allah will make all the "retirees" active again. Ameen.

Fastabiqul khairat!

Alhamdulillah hil lazi hadana li haza
wama kunna linah tadiya 
lau la an hadanallah
Praise be to Allah who has guided us to this
and we would never have been guided
if Allah had not guided us.

May He give us more, for all the things that we are thankful and grateful for.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Raison d'etre | Ikigai | Mon 25


What are your reasons for being?
What's my ikigai?
That's Japanese for raison d'etre.

Now at this age of mine, it has become clearer to me that our reasons for being should be:
- to know Allah (yes know first, must know Who is it that we worship. Get to know His Names and Attributes)
- to worship Allah (even if we can't see Him, He sees us) 
- to have a spiritual connection with the Beloved of Allah salallah alaihi wasalam (by remembering him, by making salawat continually)
- to make your parents happy (especially your mother)
- to be useful to as many people as possible

Another meaningful birthday of mine spent with 50 would-be huffaz boys.
Their prayers are priceless!
They are my neighbors in Penang/my regular guests on special occasions.
They had recently moved to another neighborhood.
It's a pleasure visiting them at their new/bigger/safer abode.
Alhamdulillah after 2 years of waiting, they got a better home, at last.
With Arash (9 years old).

Pizza party. The joy of delighting my honorable friends
is all mine : )
Tahfiz administrators are particular about their students' food intake.
Certain types of food/fast-foods are not allowed.
So be sure to check prior to hosting/throwing a surprise party
for them.

I was beyond pleased, to be able to share not one birthday cake
but 9! Alhamdulillah indeed.
What more can you ask for when you have confidence in:
Al Razak, Al Rahman, Al Karim
Al Mughni, Al Mujib, Al Wahab, Al Nafi and Al Basit.
He glory is Allah who backs us up all the time.
Just to mark this special day
and register my gratitude
for Allah's bounties all these years

One of the recommended things to do during this blessed month of Muharram is to put our hands on the head of an orphan for blessings and pray so that Allah grants us a gentle heart.
Have you done it?
I have! Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Thank God for a very fruitful day.
Let us all remind ourselves constantly of our ikigai.
[And treat ourselves to grilled unagi sometimes LOL]
: D

Gosh, I just learned something new.
Unagi is also a term meaning = complete awareness.
In karate, when you have achieved unagi, it means you can defend and prepare yourself for any danger at any given moment.

Let us pray for unagi concerning our lower nafs. So that we could defend our iman (faith) and fight all negative externalities that could jeopardize it.

Another reason why today is special.
Got news that I'm gonna be given a promotion : D
Allah Kareeeeeeeeem!

Thank you all for all the good vibes (du'a) you sent me!
You know who you are - my genuine readers/visitors!
I love you!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday Duha


And when we chance upon a majlis taalim and attend for the sake of Allah, to reap fruits from such heavenly garden on earth, never will He let us leave empty-handed.

Alhamdulillah for a fruitful Sunday.

Two lines/lessons from Surah Ad Duha I wish to remind myself:
- Allah does not forsake me. He will never ever leave me helpless. He is always with me.
- Whenever He finds me lost, He would guide me.

And you!
So don't worry : )

- 3rd Muharram 1439 H
- 1st lesson for Hajj course. Labbaikallah humma labbaik....

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fab times | Labor



"The real secret to a fabulous life
is to live imperfectly 
with greaaaat delight."

Yes, let's embrace our imperfections and forgive ourselves cos as the wise men say:
"When I said 'I forgive you' to myself,
everything got better."

Alhamdulillah for fab times.

One who reads a chapter of Quran a day deserves to be granted loads of gifts from the Divine and the mortals (as instruments of the Divine), of course.
: D

Yes, read as much as we could, consistently cos:
"The miracle of the seed and the soil
is not available by affirmation;
it is only available by labor."

You may follow the good side of this woman 
and leave the bad for the Batman.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Happy New HIJRI Year - 1439


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

I picked up this line from the year-end du'a. Thought it's profound. But pardon me, I don't know how to write in Arabic (yet). Nonetheless, it's a joy crafting the poster for me and you.

May Allah pardon all our bad deeds
and accept all the good ones.
May Allah grant us substantial tawfiq for the new year
and grant us bigger bounties that He has ever given.
May He sever not our constant hopes
for His succor and mercy.


: )
May we smile more this new year.
May we remain strong in our Quran marathon.
May our tongue and heart whisper continually,
greetings of peace for the Beloved of Allah salallah alaihi wasalam.

Yours sincerely,

A little tired but happy to drive to Penang right after Subuh
and arrived when some people were still in bed lol
Best wishes for the new hijri year
to all Lisan al-Din friends
: )

Thursday, September 21, 2017



May Allah help us purify our intentions.
May He keep them purified.

I had a strong urge to start this blog when I fell in love with the name/term Lisan al-Din. Felt compelled to do something about it when I read about it being a short-lived weekly publication. I thought a name so sweet should stay active. Hence, this space which does not do justice to the original Lisan al-Din publication started by Shaykh Ahmad bin Mustafa al-Alawi in 1912. More importantly, I was sincere in my intention made in 2009.

Needless to say, I came across all kinds of people and experiences through this space. I evolved, progressed, reversed, walked, paused, fell, got up, crawled, advanced (plus all other verbs lol), but most of all, learned. I picked up some good lessons from the behaviors of the pleasant and genuine visitors/readers, bystanders, uninvited "judges", distractors, impersonators, including the mischief makers.

Anyway, this apt quote I found on Twitter by @InspowerMinds serves as a good reminder to us all:
"The biggest mistake we make is thinking life is all about our dreams and desires. We forget that God's Will always comes first."

So, do what you want, say what you want, think what you want, God's Will always comes first.

Today is the last day of 1438 Hijri. Alhamdulillah for everything that took place in the past one year. I am hopeful that 1439 Hijri will be an awesome year full of great bounties. Let's make some more good intentions and follow through with good deeds.

May Allah grant us greater tawfiq and plenty of success. Aameen.

Says Dr. Wayne Dyer

Our Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam says:
"Actions are dependent upon their intentions. Every man shall have that which he intended."