Sunday, August 13, 2017

Greater gratitude


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
May we wake up tomorrow with greater gratitude.

Sweet dreams : )

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Count the days | Make the days count


Allahumma soyyiban nafi'a
May Allah make the pouring rain beneficial.

It's raining right now in KL.
Yes, we all yearn for everything beneficial.
May Allah An Nafi' - the Source of Good, the Benefactor grant us everything beneficial. Ameen.

I am at a beneficial crossroad Alhamdulillah. I must proclaim this upcoming bounty from Him. It is yet another proof that He has been listening to my plea and He will be offering bi iznillah. He Allah subhanahu wa taala is indeed the ultimate, the best Arranger/Manager/Planner.  

Yes, one beneficial move I am so looking forward to is: working for only 24 hours a week or 156 days in a year! YaHuu! Although in reality, I will end up "working" more days for all kinds of other activities, that's OK, as long as the official working days is just 156 out of 365 days.

So what do I do on the 209 off days?
On a serious note, if we were told we have just 209 days to live, what would we do? What would you do? How do we fill up the 209 days? What kind of schedule would you put together? Quran recital 2 hours a day perhaps? Visit the sick and fast, every other day? Gotta think about it seriously. How do we make the days count?

May Allah keep us occupied with thoughts, speech, actions that are pleasing to Him, every single day. That we only engage in everything beneficial for our dunya and akhirah. 

May our life be more and more spectacular as was the meteor shower which decorated the sky tonight (13 Aug 2017). I didn't see it for myself but it's there above us all this mid-August. Life may not be anywhere near decent, let alone spectacular for many of us, so we pray Allah removes afflictions and sadness at comet-speed. He can do anything He wills.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Day of Thanksgiving


A day to be thankful, as we learned from our honorable Shuyukh, it's "today" that Allah created Adam and placed him in paradise.

More often than not, we let the week passes by with little consciousness of how special Friday is. Perhaps we should say TGFA - Thank God For Adam. May Allah grant us the capacity to always be cognizant of this great blessing no matter where we are.

And, yes no matter where you are, enjoy the journey, enjoy the adventure.
: D

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"A Fellowship of Faith" - latest book by Shaykh Allie Khalfe of Cape Town


We would like to say heartiest congratulations to Shaykh Allie Khalfe on the successful launching of his book: "A Fellowship of Faith" - a detailed commentary of the Surah Fatihah on 6th August 2017. The book is prefaced and endorsed by the Grand Mufti of Cairo and Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah. 

The event was graced by Umar Kemp. Below is a short intro of Sidi Umar Kemp, in the words of Shaykh Allie expressing gratitude for the launch of his book - A Fellowship of Faith.

"Our senior, Umar Kemp is in his 90s and is a treasure and pillar of strength and wisdom in our Cape Legacy. He is a living Ghazalian and the most senior Ba'Alawi scholar in perhaps the entire Southern Africa, having sat before the master, Shaykh Muhammad Salih Hendricks who was a contemporary of the Awliya of Makkah, including Sayyidi Bakri Shatta, Shaykh Bakr Bab Sayl, Shaykh Umar Ba Junaid, Sayyid Abbas Al Maliki and many others, all of whom drank from the basin of Sayyid Ahmad Zayn Dahlan (may Allah bless them all). He blessed our book launch this morning with his gentle heart and firm resolve. It is their duas that we seek and their sincerity that brings barakah to places they enter so that all the books were sold out this morning. Thank you all for your support and may Allah bless all of us with His infinite Mercy and Compassion." 

To order the book: contact 0714138725
Price: South African Rand 150
Pages: 180

Attendees at the book launch on 6th August 2017.
Alhamdulillah, though we may be far apart, though we are yet to meet,
the jemaah in Cape Town is close to our heart.   

[Info & pics published with permission from Shaykh Allie]

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Be constantly courageous


Better late than never.
What was I up to three days ago - Wednesday?
[It's Saturday. This is a backdated posting.]

God knows!

Anyhow, give a pat on your back if you have done it before - if you were once courageous. That you tried. Not to have tried is the true failure. That you pushed yourself against all odds. That's one of the countless branches of faith. That you keep pressing on, try again and try again cos as the wise men say, courage is like a muscle, it gets better and stronger by use.

[ pushing for a small posting each day of Twenty Seventeen.]

Says Tom Krause

To anyone of you out there who could use a little push to forge ahead, I say just do/act in spite of the fear.

"In His hands is all good."
- Quran 3:26

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lunar Eclipse in KL - 8th Aug 2017



From my balcony
photo captured by my niece

Err...this video more or less captured my experience but the eclipsed moon didn't turn out well on my phone. [Obviously, it's a partial eclipse Eza. I was thinking of the song 'Total eclipse of the heart' - perhaps. LOL.] get to see KL in the wee hours.

It's 3.19 a.m. already. My thoughts at this very moment, are words of Cyril Connoly (writer/editor 1903-1974): "Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self."

Thanks to each of 1 Million of you - soul - who swing by this insignificant space, well aware that I have written as notes to myself and I thank you (most of you) for not minding me being myself. Some people mind, this I understand but not bothered. LOL.

There in mid-air, our souls meet albeit so brief.
In spare seconds you leave,
hopefully with something positive.
A little something. A piece of me, sweetness, warts and all.
: D

Monday, August 7, 2017

Slay thy Monday | Mind your time


Yeah...honor thy father and thy mother, and slay thy Monday.
Make them proud. They wouldn't want to see you defeated by Mondays. They wouldn't want to see you defeated on any day, for that matter.

Have a productive and pleasant week guys.

I am excited about this week cos I gotta couple of lessons left til I complete my Quranic Tajweed lessons. Alhamdulillah. Bi iznillah.

I read from a friend's FB page about a pious Malaysian woman who died at a mosque in KL between Maghrib and Isha with the Quran firmly clasped in her hands. According to her family and friends, she was istiqamah in her passion and commitment for the Quran. She was a Ph.D. holder, an Associate Professor who dressed pretty normal (no niqab) I mean no way you could have guessed the degree of her taqwa. Not that a person's taqwa is as grand as her jilbab/his beard or whatever. She was one who made full use of her time on things that count - the Quran and doing good to people.

I am ashamed of myself as I write about her. I am not minding my time as wisely as I should. I just want to make an intention - to be like her, to be clingy to the Quran, to be busy slaying the pages of the Holy Book at a faster speed than my fingers could scroll the phone. It's not going to be easy. But the fact remains that time is like a knife if you don't cut it, it cuts you.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Same language of faith


Mr/Ms Anonymous says, everyone smiles in the same language. I reckon that's one of several common things we share in regards to the language of faith. No matter how crooked your smile is, it gives you a good chance to set things straight.

So smile more. It's sunnah.
It's our common language.

Let's try to always stay on top of things and smile

This blogger is extra elated as she awaits a million hits for this space. Three hundred to go.
She is loving herself a wee bit more and she is not apologizing for it.

: )

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Between hallux and minimus


Between hallux and minimus, just please don't step on my toes cos securing Jannah is my own responsibility. 

When the noises rise above the decibels we could tolerate, heed this advice from Dr Bilal Philips: "It's easy to get swayed by what people say, but ask yourself, who is going to give you Jannah? Allah or those people?"

Taffakur (contemplation) could help direct our soul to Jannah. Looking inwardly to ourselves, not outwardly to others. 

What is your door to Jannah? Your mother? Whoever or whatever it may be, let's find our own doors. No need to be bothered about other people's hallux and minimus and all that's in between. Mind your own toes. Never mind hers/his. Don't step on mine, so I won't step on yours.

Have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday, folks.
And slay your Monday


Friday, August 4, 2017

Create your own sunshine | Get off line


On some days, you just have to.

Let's admit it we are addicted to input.
Something to think about this weekend.
This article on the virtues of daily journaling is an eye opener for me. It may not be your cup of tea though. Regardless, the fact is we have become addicted to input and get easily distracted by other people's agenda. Therefore, the writer suggests we spend me-time, off-line of course, to reflect and write out our inner feelings/thoughts/dreams - focusing on creating our own output. Create our own sunshine.
Journaling is therapeutic, to say the least. Read on if you are already into writing or one who might want to consider it - journaling.
Anyhow, I sincerely hope no one is addicted/negatively distracted by my ramblings.
Let's log off now and get on with the real world.
Here's to a happy weekend.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

On turning ten | The Turner of hearts


I am feeling a lil melodramatic now that this space is turning ten years old very soon.

Of course, I feel 10 years older. What can 10 years do to a person? To you? To me?

I will say, I have had enough.

It was The Turner of hearts who turned my heart to this space. It was The Turner of hearts who has made me turn the page and scribble a bit and turn the page and repeat - quite religiously.

A ten-year-old girl is one who would reach puberty anytime.
A ten-year-old girl is one who begins to discover her own feminity.

When I was ten, I represented my school in athletics, netball and traditional dancing competition. I won 5 gold medals in the school sporting event. I was at a peak in terms of physical activities. Alhamdulillah for those wonderful memories.

Glory be to Allah for letting us have unique experiences at different stages of life. It is He who turns our hearts towards a thing. He gives all of us unique interests through different phases of our lives.

Let us be among those who see His miraculous workings every day on us and others.
And be among those who are mature in thinking, accepting and appreciating His wondrous actions on us and others.

Ah...on a lighter note, I hope I look 10 years younger. LOL.

OK folks, thanks for tolerating my ramblings.
Thank God It's Thursday.
May Friday unfold more magic and happiness to you and me.

Lisan Al-Din blog = A 10-year-old tree
(bi iznillah)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Magic number | Hasbunallah


I noticed our venerable Habib Umar bin Hafiz had on two occasions prescribed this azkar when asking for aid from Allah to remove difficulties and also prevent a mishap - 450 times - is the "magic number" to recite. 

There must be some secrets as to why a certain number of repetition is recommended for a certain azkar e.g. 100, 75, 33, 27 and in the case of  Hasbunallah wa nikmal wakil - it's 450. 

Let's have this here for future reminder/reference.

Let's heed.

May this simple lesson and practice bring much benefit to he/she who has in the chamber of his/her heart, a secret plea.

We must thank Allah for we can't fathom the number of times when we surrendered to Him Al Wakil and He evicted a major harm from us. That which seemed as an unanswered prayer or a withholding was actually a big blessing. Or that He acts/reacts on our behalf with greater might and wisdom.
: )

Allahu Akbar!


Iktibar buat semua: Janganlah mudah menghina orang dengan rasa bongkak kerana suatu hari nanti akan kembali cemuhan itu kepada diri/keluarga sendiri. Usahlah ghairah merancang tipu daya sewenang-wenangnya, kerana engkau belum tahu bagaimana pula perancangan Allah ke atas diri/keluarga mu nanti.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

In august company


I am not sure about you, but I keep failing at realizing that I am in august company 24/7. Am talking about the Lord, He is with us 24/7, a fact that we often forget.

If we were to work on this fact alone, that is to be truly conscious of His presence, His nearness, and His power, things would be completely and positively different.

Something to chew as we embrace the month of August, already! Oh dear Lord, the year is coming to an end so quickly.

Victor Hugo that famous French poet says:
"Prayer is an august avowal of ignorance.'

Yes, we gotta pray harder for we know not what's in store tomorrow.
We gotta keep praying cos He knows better what and when better to answer our prayer.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Weather the storm


Hi guys,

Monday is not guilty, we should stop blaming it. It's just an innocent day after a lazy Sunday. Yes, Sunday is notorious for its laziness. We should be more in control of our mind, psyche up ourselves to face a new week, every week. We can weather the Monday storm, of course, we can!

Should not start the week grumpily.
You'd better stay cool, or they might name a storm after you!

: D

[Belated Monday ramblings as I try to catch up on this space. Life is a catching up game anyway. Don't you think so?]

Good bye July.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

[Positive] Writing on the wall | Take it or leave it


Hi guys, you know what the idiom means - writing on the wall. It suggests a future doom. But when I was in Ipoh I was mesmerized by the chic writings on the walls at a home-grown new hotel chain. Ipoh is a relatively small city located between KL and Penang, Malaysia. Creative writings on the wall could give out positive vibes after all.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend as I did.
More photos from my short getaway.

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Pretty writings on the wall

That's a quote by Barbara Kingsolver, by the way.
Those words are not mine.

These are mine:
My memories, feelings, and thoughts are all I could offer.
Take it or leave it.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Horsing around | Inclusive


Wish y'all a productive and happy weekend.

Let's be appreciative of our leisure time before we get busy.

By the way, yesterday I came across a pleasant news about the establishment of a 'World Sufi Center' to be based in Malaysia. The Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia announced this wonderful news at a Conference of Ulama held in Kuala Lumpur today. It's indeed a significant milestone for a nation to make Sufism/tariqa "official". A local philanthropist has committed to contribute US$ 1 Million for the proposed Center. The idea for 'World Sufi Center' was agreed upon by ulama, mufti and scholars from 38 countries who gathered at the said Conference. 

I am pretty sure this newly established body could unite the various tariqa group in the country and around the world. And that the authority would monitor and supervise them so as to deter any deviant ones from misleading the public.

Having mingled with several groupings before, I noticed some were too inwardly looking and each had the tendency thinking theirs was the better one. And there are also "spiritual leaders" who ride on the religion for their own personal gain.

May Allah protect us from the illusion of 'being the chosen exclusive club' whereas the Prophet pbuh has taught us about Islam that is all inclusive. May Allah keep us on the Straight Path, stay on course like a good racing horse until the finish line.

Allahu a'lam.

Gotta have a stronger will.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Good morning from Malaysia


Hi guys 😁
Am still chillin' at my camp site.
Was the first to get ready for the day.
There are plenty of perks for a morning person, this I noticed a long time ago. I hope my nieces and nephews would follow my good habits and leave the not so good ones.

May Allah grant us good health and tawfik to do much good and be useful to people.
Wish y'all a fabulous day.

 For the love of the Prophet PBUH
The cutest guy I met today lol
Another favorite of mine

Giraffe everywhere LOL.

Cheers 😁

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Glamping | Forest bathing


Hi guys,

Hello and good nite from my so called glamorous camping site hence the term glamping.

You all know the benefits of forest bathing.
So excuse me as I seek solace in a natural setting. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

Bbq nite

Good nite and sweet dreams 👌😁

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I don't know how much to say | Say nothing


I don't know how much to say.
Just chill lah : D

No need to comment/debate about my posting.
You go get a life.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Where your thoughts have brought you


Hi guys,

Let's be mindful of our thoughts cos:
"You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."
- James Allen

Today, I am where my thoughts have brought me : )
Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

And whatever circumstances you are in, face it bravely, don't sit on it, don't sweep it under the carpet. Look at it in the eyes and deal with it.

Having said that, today (or rather lately) I realized Allah has shown me that trusting Him and letting Him deal with certain people, is more than worth it! He is obviously Most Fair and Most Wise in His judgment and in exacting retribution.
; )

You may be a given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it.
Choose to sit on a lovely sofa, or on the floor but not a cactus. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Vibes that stay | Foot path


Yeah...yeah I know it's summer, but I couldn't help reminisce my alma mater - the Stirling Uni when I chanced upon a tweet.

I feel the picture. Those vibes stay with me until today.
The lake at the uni is especially stunning during winter.
I remember the countless walk, by the loch (lake).

Some vibes are meant to have a lasting impact on us, they stay.

Pathfoot is the name of the building where my courses were held.
It's like teasing you: you sure won't forget the footpath here!
The path you choose to travel, thus bag memorable vibes that would remain etched forever.

This posting is a dedication to one of my nieces who had been on Dean's list for two semesters and listed as top-scorer for the other four semesters. She has got another two semesters to go. May she stay focused and more importantly, enjoy the path to more success. Bi iznillah.

Dear S, please consider furthering your studies in the UK, so your cool aunt could join in the fun : )
In Sha Allah.

Some people are saying if you study on 24/7 (the 24th of July/today) even if it's for 20 minutes you will have studied 24/7. Yeah...yeah...
: D

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Habit of refining | Refine your habits


Hi guys,

Just a quick greeting this lovely Sunday.
A couple of one-liner reminder for us.
Keep busy improving and refining yourself.
Keep the good habits.
Create new good ones.
Kill stale/negatives habits cos they are destructive to your development, obviously.
But the fact is that sometimes it's hard to do the obvious.
So you gotta kick hard.
Chase out those who discount or disempower you.
Keep a strong positive inner circle.
Take time to do what makes you and them happy.
Above all, remember the one and only man who will defend us when all get broken asunder.
- the Prophet
Salallah alaihi wasalam.

Prep your heart and mind for another fulfilling week - Week 30 of 52 in 2017.
In Sha Allah.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

In a gay Saturday mood


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
Gotta thank Allah for our circumstances are not as bad as those who live in crisis-full countries/communities. May Allah lighten their burdens and replace their struggles with peace and prosperity. Ameen.

Gotta thank Allah that we get to enjoy the weekend in a gay (as in merry/happily excited) mood. Just that I am missing my home in Penang a wee bit when my sister sent this lovely photo below. My mom bought those roses. It's gorgeous in my eyes! Thanks to Uber, she could go to the garden nurseries (or anywhere) by herself anytime. May Allah bless all the well mannered Uber drivers in Penang who have been ferrying my mother around the island. Even though I could monitor her movement from the apps yet many of the drivers would often text/call me saying "Your mother has reached home." Yes, uber-friendly they are Uber drivers! 

This weekend, take the time to please your loved ones. 
Create wonderful moments : )


I discovered one more way to make your mother happy. Cook your own meals and show her that you are a talented home-chef just like her and thus minimize driving through the fast food chains. LOL.
Here's something to make you drool - my chicken kurma. Am drooling too...but I am fasting, oh great Lord.
: D

Dear Mom,
You knew it.

Your cheeky daughter
who's enjoying having this "Language of Faith" journal for almost 10 years
as it showcases her journey and growth.
She is taking it easy now
while waiting for the blog to hit 1 million views soon
so she could just wrap it up, journey elsewhere and enjoy life some more.
Bi iznillah.
: D

Friday, July 21, 2017

Goodness of the faith


We have to be mindful of what we are sensitive about.

Do we care about a band (group of people) that's engulfed with negative stuffs? Yes? No? Do we care about people being denied entry to places of worship, regardless of their religion? Especially if it affects our friends surrounding Al-Aqsa Mosque. Guys, we have to be mindful of our "sensitive buttons".

Today, a week ago, the Holy Mosque Al-Aqsa was closed for a couple of days. Friday prayers inside the mosque was banned. Today, we see this heart-moving photo of our brothers in faith performing Friday prayers outside the mosque, as a sign of protest.

Friday prayers on Salahudeen Street, Jerusalem.
Righteous men standing firm on their faith.
They rise in peace before getting attacked.
[Pic/News credit: Nasser Atta @nasseratta5]

Gathered for the right reason but got dispersed wrongfully.
These young men only care about their faith, dignity, and survival.
I doubt they care about rock bands or rock concerts
or some suicidal people.
They have been fighting for their life. And they shall keep fighting for it, you can be sure.
[Pic credit: Dylan Collins @collinsdyl]

Certainly, we ought to clap for people who stand on the goodness of faith, people who voice up their rights, people who defend their religion and dignity. 

I hope our young visitors to this space, will be rightly guided, stand up for meaningful things and cheer on the right stuff.

I think you can read between the lines. You know what I mean.

May Allah grant protection and guidance to all of us.

Thursday, July 20, 2017



How are you doing folks?

Am good, Alhamdulillah, keeping my productivity level up and progressing well.
Hope you are too : )

Gotta praise Allah for giving us good health and the capacity to use our brain. Yeah, keep those neurons active and connected. One of the good ways to exercise our brain cells is by reading the Quran. It's a good habit we (me especially) have to work at continually or we run the risk of going senile prematurely LOL.

To be honest, I am feeling kinda sad cos my Quran lesson would be over soon cos I have reached chapter 24 already. With the guide of my ever so skillful teacher, I do 18 pages per lesson. Alhamdulillah. But all good things must come to an end. It's going to be up to me to continue the recital practices on my own. That's how it is. We have to be more concerned with what we do ourselves, think of ourselves, our progress, than what others think about us. It's a solo game, period.

When I encountered the heart of the Quran (Surah Yaasin) during the lesson, I had mixed feelings. It's like discovering a person's heart, something most people hide and only reveal to a special person. You will have to go through some challenges before it's finally shown.

I just hope this sharing about my personal journey of faith would encourage you our young readers to not neglect a simple yet extremely powerful habit of reading the Holy Book on a regular basis. We all have to push ourselves. Life is not just about having fun aimlessly, there's time for study, time for work, time for housekeeping and there's time to chill.  

Here's a reminder for me and you. It's from Steve Keating's Twitter.
"Good intentions have never accomplished a thing. Only doing gets something done."

Let's go.
Let's do it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The 200th day of 2017 | Surrender


Ma sha Allah. It is the 200th day of the year. Two hundred days have passed, did you realize?

We often hear people i.e a new management of an organization or political leaders giving a report on the first 100 days of them being in office or position. Rarely do we hear about reports on the "first 200 days" I think it's simply because it's a bit too long as a measurement stick.

It's a norm for Muslims in Malaysia to mark the 40th and 100th day of a person's demise, by hosting a gathering of some sort. I think (though insensitive it might sound) people don't usually count anymore after the 100th day, until maybe after one year has passed.

I am nervous thinking how the 200 pages of my "TwentySeventeen" book look like. There must be plenty of "red-inked scores" in there somewhere. May Allah forgive me. May Allah grant pardon to you too.

Perhaps we should do 200 salawat today and surrender our affairs for the rest of the 165 days of the year to Allah, bi-iznillah. 

Wa ufawwidu amri ilaAllah
Innallaha basirun bil ibad

I surrender my affair to Allah
Allah is well aware of His servants.
- Quran 40:44

Something new for me to memorize.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Poetry in times of difficulty composed by Habib Umar bin Hafiz


Big thanks to for sharing this precious azkar composed by the honorable Habib Umar bin Hafiz when he was in Madinah in the blessed month of Rabiul Awal last year.

"You are my reliance
You are my support
You are my savior from all hardship

I turn my whole being to You
Rush to my aid, O Most Great
Make easy the means for all good
and remove all difficulties

And open for us all doors
with Your support, O Most Generous
And foil the plot of every schemer
and rebellious tyrant
And every envious and stubborn enemy
by the right and secret of
To Sin Mim"

I was humbled there were several blessed souls who requested du'a from me, this weak and ignorant woman who's helpless herself. I am no better than you/them. I doubt there's anything worthy about me to warrant a maqbul from Allah. But I learned there's an angel who sits on our neck and should it find humility in us, it will raise our station. I was and I still am deeply humbled when those beautiful souls reached out to me, for they are pious and good people. May Allah accept my humility and thereby grant maqbul to all our petition, plea, cry and hope.

Aamin Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim.
Ya Allah Ya Latif, please be gentle on us all.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy 17.7.17 | Hi guys : )


A little bird told me we've got a young group of an audience here on Lisan al-Din lately. Glad to know they (you guys) could relate to my ramblings. Thanks, you know who you are. Thanks for the positive feedback. I shall try to lengthen my postings from "Small" to "Medium", it might be "Medium rare" though. LOL. If you want something "Well done" go to other blogs ; ) 

Anyway, guys, you should know that our soul is ageless. We are who we are as we have always been. Just the "temple" (I mean the body) gets a lil worn out over time LOL. And the most important thing is we must be flexible and grow with the times. When I first started this space, I addressed my postings to a fictional "son". Then, I went on to address them "folks". It doesn't matter, you are who you are, a soul like a bird who comes perching on this temporary branch, to take a breather before you take a flight to your own big world. And me too. I am here for an impromptu scribble for just a couple of minutes.

Today is a special unique date: 17.7.17. Work-wise it's an important date cos I was involved in submitting a biz tender today. Alhamdulillah, we made it. So just like most people, I went chillin' and Eid-ing (I mean eating) in the city after all the work is done. The video below is evidence of my care-free mood. It's similar to the feelings you'd have after a big exam you know.

I hope we will all remain youthful in spirit (and looks). 
"Never let a bad yesterday ruin your chance for a good today." - Steve Keating

Yes, today 17.7.17 is good, Alhamdulillah.

Stay "Sweet Seventeen" always...
: D


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Putting down one's "intellectual disability" for good | Ziyad's 17.29


He did it in style. Ziyad Zolkefli a Malaysian '2016 Rio Paralympic' gold medalist, broke the world record again. This time in London, yesterday. This time he hurled a greater distance - 17.29 meter. We are all having a good time this weekend, but clearly, Ziyad is having a blast!

He has been competing in the so called "learning/intellectual disability" category known as F20. Ziyad has put down his disability for good, on the world stage. Yes, the world watched how able and capable people with disabilities (PWD) are. 

Of course, many Malaysians, I suspect have shed tears of joy at the news/watching Ziyad's victory video. I was proud of him of course when I first heard the news through our Prime Minister's Twitter. But when I read Ziyad's own Tweet a few hours before the shot put finals - I cried. I have never had a "high" motivated inspiring moment as I did when I saw Ziyad's tweet.

"A few hours to go before the show.
Focus - done.
Mental - done.
Winning mentality - done.

If you were to put me - someone with "intellectual ability" on the world stage, I would chicken out. I wouldn't be able to calm my nerves. I wouldn't be able to focus. Shame on me.

Those of you who have the tendency to look down on PWDs, please stop putting them down, yeah not even in your good IQ mind.

Ziyad Zolkefli broke the World Record, his own record set in Rio Paralympics 2016
and won gold for the second time at the World Para Athletics Championship London, yesterday.
The first time was in 2013 in Lyon, France.
 [PWDs are globe trotting proving their abilities. Proving they have got great faith in themselves.]
Pic credit: The Star Online 

1300 athletes from 100 countries are competing for 202 medals
at the World Para Athletics Championship in London
14 May -  23 July 2017
[The Gold medal looks stunning! Ziyad has earned it.]

May this story inspire you as it has inspired me. We all have some kind of disabilities. Let's put it down for good. 

Malaysia boleh!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Improve | Prove


Have a happy and fruitful weekend folks. Let's be productive. Let's go for kaizen - continuous improvement. Yes even in arguments. Better to prove oneself with a smarter argument than shout like mad. After all, it is rain that grows flowers and not thunder. So, improve!

This weekend, I wanna improve the cleanliness and tidiness of my crib (yeah..spring cleaning time). Cleanliness is part of faith (iman). The language of faith need not be bombastic.

Simple, easy to understand words/messages/lessons are sufficient. Oftentimes we overlook the small things that carry a bigger score. Prove, not to people, but to yourself, that you are as smart as you have always been. Go for the easy score. LOL 

Still, I wanna give a "shout"-out to my SGGS schoolmates for the friendship. Thanks to Su for the party today. Perhaps we should have a gathering with everyone wearing red shorts like the good old days in school! LOL. [Red is the school color]. Georgians are a bunch of smart, sensible, sophisticated girls. Proven!


To my nieces & nephews: Let's go get more cool stuff, caps and hoodies for our camping trip.

Friday, July 14, 2017

HidayahMu | Pleading for His guidance


This beautiful and heartfelt song was released about a month ago, by one gorgeous and popular Malaysian singer Shila Amzah - who wrote the lyrics and melodies herself. One big talent she is, ma sha Allah!

Although it's in the Malay language, I think our foreign visitors/readers could feel the soul of the song. May you benefit from the rough translations I did. (see below). 

I ask that You forgive me
Pardon all my sins
all my wrongdoings

I know I don't qualify
for your Heavens
I am truly unable
to cast aside my past

Still, I shall keep pleading
for Your protection O Lord

I beg that You give me strength
accept my repentance so I could stay on Your path
I plead that You protect me from
all the slanders and tricks of men

O Lord
Indeed this repentance of mine
truly comes from the heart
I yearn for Your guidance
my prayers, my life and my death is only for Your sake

Accept my repentance
towards Your path

I long for Your guidance
my Lord...


I remembered my student days in US and UK, how I got excited whenever there's a new good Malay song. It's a sweet bond with one's own people. Always proud to be a Malay and a Malaysian.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Seek the worldly benefit & Secure the eternal benefit


"People of intelligence seek their benefit in this life and secure their eternal benefit."
- Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

That's indeed a wise saying to remind us that it need not be one or the other, this world or the hereafter. It should be both, simultaneously. So, let's seek the worldly benefits and secure our eternal benefits at the same time.

I got a little disturbed when knowledgeable people (who have constant access to the shuyukh) judge people who "go on holiday just to escape". I think we should be broad-minded and be wary of our negative assumptions for we know not what the intentions of the holiday-makers are. It is quite likely that they go on a holiday with their families as a sign of gratitude for Allah's blessings on them. They spend in a good way to make their parents/families happy. They must have good intentions. What do you know about their intentions? What do you think they are "escaping" from? They are just spending quality moments with their loved ones - and that is ibadah too. As musafir they could be making salawat constantly and making du'a. We should mind our own business and be grateful for our own circumstances. 

Let's not be too quick to judge people who may appear to be worldly as those who are lacking behind in the akhirah-scoring. They might be benefiting from both - this life and the eternal, having a good time in the process, whereas you are stuck with your not-necessarily-right opinion.

Peace & Chill!

Super excited to resume my Quran lesson after
a longgg break.
"God does not love us because we are good.
God will make us good because He loves us."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Keep the mind poised


It's Wednesday, it's mid-week.
Let's remind ourselves to be balanced and well-centered.

"We will receive both praise and blame, but do not let either affect the poise of the mind."
- Sutta Nipata
[A Buddhist scripture! Someone is going to brand me blasphemous? LOL]

Poised = marked by balance or equilibrium/marked by easy composure of manner or bearing.
Ref: Merriam Webster

It's good to keep our mind poised always. Though, it's a constant juggle and struggle.
But having tawakkul in the Almighty is one way.

Here's an amazing sharing from the Islamic Online Uni on tawakkul.